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Hi everyone! We migrated our site to a newer version! 🎉️🎉️🎉️
Now you can:
💥Choose whether you want a dark or light theme (use the sun/moon button in the top right-hand corner)
💥Easily copy the required code snippets (the copy button will appear in the top right-hand corner when you hover over a code snippet)
💥Choose a nested page from the parent page (for example, pick a country)
💥Enjoy some minor changes we implemented for you
We will not stop changing to improve your experience!

Information on the following errors was added to Error codes:

  • 3DS_error
  • invalid_details
  • invalid_resepient_details
  • invalid_sender_details

Now, you can choose how to open the 3DS window for the user when accepting payments using our payment widget: in the same frame (not recommended), in the next-level frame, outside of all the frames as the top window, or in a new tab (see target).

The information on the error status of the payment session was updated: this status is not final. In case you receive this status, contact Smart Glocal and wait for a final transaction status.

The information on how to make payouts was updated.
The payout requests to bank accounts of European countries were updated.

Note that the Paying with PCI DSS page is no longer supported. Please use the payments section.

Information on how to make payouts to the USA was added.

Information on how to make payouts to India was added.