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Who you can send payouts to

You can send payouts to any individuals.

Where you can send payouts

Getting started

To start making payouts, sign an agreement with Smart Glocal, go through the KYC process with Smart Glocal, and complete the integration via this API. Where to start?

Prices and preconditions

The prices for payouts are stated in your agreement with Smart Glocal. You can discuss them with your manager. The limits vary depending on the payout method (wallet or bank_account).

To start making payouts, make sure you toped up your prefunding balance with Smart Glocal. You need to monitor (using the wallet/balance method) your prefunding balance independently to make sure it is enough to keep payouts working. Please keep in mind that bank wire takes 1 to 3 business days. If the total of the payouts you have ordered using this API exceeds your prefunding balance, Smart Glocal will not be able to complete them.

Payout refunds

Payouts are non-refundable.

A payout you sent to a bank account may be refunded if the recipient bank did not credit it to the recipient's account for some reason even if the payout’s success was confirmed. In this case, such refunds are processed manually on our side, and you will get a refund as soon as they are reconciled. There is no automatic notification about such refunds.

How to make a payout

Below you will find two ways of making a payout. If you do not have PCI DSS, choose the widget option.

All API operations are carried out within a payment session: PaymentSession. One payment session can include several operations: for example, you can accept and then refund a payment.

To create a payout, complete the following steps:
  1. Create a payment session sending a session/create request.

  2. Send a session/start/payout request to start the payout.

  3. Wait for a ready_to_confirm webhook. When you receive it, it means that Smart Glocal is ready to make the payout and is waiting for your confirmation.

  4. Send a session/confirm request or a session/cancel request to confirm or cancel the operation.

  5. Wait for a payment_finished webhook containing the result of the payout. If the status is succeeded, the payout was successful. To learn more about the payout statuses, see here.

Sequence diagram of payouts with PCI DSS


How to specify the remittance purpose

The purpose of a remittance must be specified in as follows:

FAMILY_SUPPORTFamily support
GIFT_AND_DONATIONGift and other donations
MEDICAL_TREATMENTMedical treatment
MAINTENANCE_EXPENSESMaintenance or other expenses
SMALL_VALUE_REMITTANCESmall value remittance
LIBERALIZED_REMITTANCELiberalized remittance
CONSTRUCTION_EXPENSESConstruction expenses
HOTEL_ACCOMMODATIONHotel accommodation
ADVERTISING_EXPENSESAdvertising and/or public relations related expenses
ADVISORY_FEESFees for advisory or consulting service
BUSINESS_INSURANCEBusiness related insurance payment
INSURANCE_CLAIMSInsurance claims payment
DELIVERY_FEESDelivery fees
EXPORTED_GOODSPayments for exported goods
SERVICE_CHARGESPayment for services
LOAN_PAYMENTPayment of loans
OFFICE_EXPENSESOffice expenses
PROPERTY_PURCHASEResidential property purchase
PROPERTY_RENTALProperty rental payment
ROYALTY_FEESRoyalty, trademark, patent and copyright fees
SHARES_INVESTMENTInvestment in shares
FUND_INVESTMENTFund investment
TAX_PAYMENTTax payment
TRANSPORTATION_FEESTransportation fees
UTILITY_BILLSUtility bills
PERSONAL_TRANSFERPersonal transfer
SALARY_PAYMENTPayment of salary
REWARD_PAYMENTPayment of rewards
INFLUENCER_PAYMENTPayment of Influencer
OTHER_FEESBroker, commitment, guarantee and other fees
OTHEROther purposes