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Quick start

To start using our API, complete the following steps:

  1. Apply on Smart Glocal website. A Smart Glocal manager will contact you, help you gain access, and answer your questions.

  2. Issue a secret and public key and exchange the public keys.

  3. Inform your Smart Glocal manager of your address in the system. This is where webhooks from Smart Glocal will be sent (i.e. notifications of events, for example successful payments and payouts).

  4. Obtain your project identifier.

  5. Check the required information.

  6. Perform demo testing (without real data).

Server for demo testing:

Proceed to live testing

After you configured everything in test mode, proceed to live testing.

  1. Sign an agreement with Smart Glocal.
  2. Exchange data for real operations and check that all the operations come through.
  3. For payouts, top up your balance.

Server for live testing:

Now, you can negotiate the start date and go live.