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Our webhooks are notifications about events happening on Smart Glocal's side. Smart Glocal sends webhooks to inform you of the results of your operations, ask for confirmation, or alert you about actions you need to take.

How to get webhooks

You can decide whether you want to receive webhooks or not. In case you decide to deactivate them, you will need to use a session/status request to understand your next step and the operation result.

To activate the webhooks:

  1. In your system, create an address at which you want to receive the webhooks.
  2. Inform your Smart Glocal manager of this address.

To stop using the webhooks, inform your manager of your decision.

What to send in response

You are expected to send the 200 HTTP code in response to any webhook.

If Smart Glocal receives a 4** or 5** code or no response, the request will be resent repeatedly at intervals of increasing length until it a response arrives.

Available webhooks