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Before performing operations with real money, you need to test everything in the test environment. The interaction format and the way you make requests are the same as when working with actual data.

The only two things that are different are the server address to send requests to and the Smart Glocal key to use.

Server address for test operations

Smart Glocal public key for test requests

Download the public key

Data for test operations

Bank cards

During testing, use at least one 3D Secure card and at least one not protected by 3D Secure.

With 3D Secure

  • 2200774546102058
  • 4000000000000002
  • 5500000000000004

To go successfully through 3D Secure, specify 12345.
To fail the procedure, specify any other value.

Without 3D Secure

  • 4242424242424242
  • 5101180000000007


Any value

Bank account

Any value

Testing unsuccessful operations

By default, all operations are successful. To test an unsuccessful scenario, in your request's Customer object, in the customer.reference field, pass one of the following values.

thiefFor payments only. The payment will be canceled when the money is put on hold
loserFor payments and payouts. The payment will be canceled when the funds on hold are debited; the payment will fail