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Error codes

The error codes may be changed without prior notice.

3DS_errorFor a successful transaction, authorization (3DS or another method) is required
activity_count_exceededThe activity/amount limit for the card/wallet is exceeded
authentication_errorAn authentication error occurred
authorization_errorAn authorization error occurred
bank_card_expiredThe bank card is past its expiration date
cancelled_by_customerThe transaction was canceled by the customer
capture_timeoutThe transaction was canceled as the confirmation timeout expired
card_number_does_not_existThe provided card number is invalid
declined_by_issuer_bankThe operation was declined by the emitting bank
idempotency_key_params_mismatchThe key has already been used for another session. Use another idempotency key
idempotency_key_already_existsThe previous request with the same key is still in progress. Wait till the previous request is processed
idempotency_key_not_supportedThis method cannot be used with an idempotency key
identification_errorA partner identification error occurred
incomplete_dataSome data is missing in the request. Please check your request for correctness
incorrect_card_dataThe provided card details are incorrect
insufficient_fundsThe card does not have enough funds
insufficient_wallet_balanceThe balance is not enough
internal_errorAn internal error occurred
invalid_detailsThe transaction parameters are in the wrong format
invalid_requestThe request is invalid
invalid_resepient_detailsThe recipient details are invalid
invalid_sender_detailsThe sender details are invalid
invalid_transactionThe transaction is invalid
issuer_bank_faultAn error occurred on the issuer bank's side
not_permitted_by_issuer_bankThe operation is not permitted by the emitting bank
not_permitted_to_cardThe transaction is not permitted for the card holder
operation_rejectedThe operation was rejected for security reasons
provider_exceeds_amount_limitThe amount limit for the provider was exceeded
provider_foreign_transfer_prohibitedA transfer to a foreign/corporate card for this provider is not allowed
provider_internal_errorA provider error
provider_issuer_unavailableThe provider issuer is unavailable
provider_timeoutThe provider timeout expired
refund_amount_too_largeThe refund amount exceeds the maximum allowed amount
routing_internal_errorA payment condition determination error occurred
session_cancelledThe session was canceled
session_cancelled_by_partnerThe session was canceled by the partner
session_wrong_stateA transaction cannot be performed in this session status
suspected_fraudThe transaction is suspicious
wallet_internal_errorAn error occurred while dealing with the balance