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Payouts to Japan

Payout parameters

payment_methodPaymentMethod+Payout data
 typestring+Value: bank_account
 bank_accountBankAccountPaymentMethod+Bank account
  system_typestring+Value: global
  globalBankAccountGlobal+Bank account details
   descriptionstring+Purpose of remittance for the payout. This description should match the classification given in How to specify the remittance purpose
   bank_account_numberstring+Bank account number for the payout
   branch_numberstring+Branch number
participant_detailsParticipantDetails+Information on the payout participants
 recipientParticipant+Recipient details
  bank_namestring+Important: the bank name must be chosen from the List of supported banks, otherwise the payout will fail
  currencystring+Recipient's currency in ISO 4217 format. Case insensitive.
  country_iso3string+Recipient's country code (ISO-3166-1 alpha-3)
  first_namestring+Recipient's first name. Important: if the name is passed incorrectly, the recipient bank may not accept the payout
  last_namestring+Recipient's last name. Important: if the name is passed incorrectly, the recipient bank may not accept the payout
  msisdnstring+Recipient's mobile wallet address
 senderParticipant+Sender details
  company_namestring+Sender company name. Limited to 100 characters, cannot contain digits only
  registration_numberstring+Sender company registration number
  country_iso3string+Sender’s country code (ISO-3166-1 alpha-3)
  codestring+Sender company registration number
amount_detailsAmountDetails+Payout amount details
 amountint+Payout amount in decimal format. The value must be greater than zero. If you are sending 100 USD, write 10000
 currencystring+ISO 4217 currency code. Case insensitive


curl -X POST \ \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'X-PARTNER-PROJECT: your_project_name' \
-H 'X-PARTNER-SIGN: signature' \
"session_id": "ps_1053680",
"payment_method": {
"type": "bank_account",
"bank_account": {
"system_type": "global",
"global": {
"bank_account_number": "NUMBER_VALUE",
"branch_number": "0001",
"description": "purpose of remittance"
"participant_details": {
"recipient": {
"bank_name": "Bank name from the list below",
"currency": "jpy",
"country_iso3": "JPN",
"first_name": "John",
"last_name": "Johnson",
"msisdn": "33712345678"
"sender": {
"company_name": "Company name",
"registration_number": "1234567890",
"country_iso3": "USA",
"code": "1234567890"
"amount_details": {
"amount": 1000,
"currency": "usd"

List of supported banks

JapanJPYAozora Bank
JapanJPYTaiko Bank
JapanJPYAichi Shinkin bank
JapanJPYAichi Doctor's Credit Cooperative
JapanJPYAbukuma Shinkin bank
JapanJPYAbashiri Shinkin bank
JapanJPYThe Hiroshima Shinkin Bank
JapanJPYThe Oita Mirai Shinkin Bank
JapanJPYAmagasaki Shinkin Bank
JapanJPYKyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank
JapanJPYMitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
JapanJPYSMBC Trust Bank Ltd.
JapanJPYTama Shinkin bank
JapanJPYMizuho Bank
JapanJPYMitsubishi UFJ Bank
JapanJPYSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
JapanJPYResona Bank
JapanJPYSaitama Resona Bank
JapanJPYPayPay Bank (The Japan Net Bank)
JapanJPYSeven Bank
JapanJPYSony Bank
JapanJPYRakuten Bank
JapanJPYSumishin SBI Net Bank
JapanJPYJibun Bank
JapanJPYThe Kyoto Shinkin Bank
JapanJPYMizuho Trust and Banking Co.,Ltd.
JapanJPYThe Sumitomo Trust and Banking Company,Ltd.
JapanJPYOsaka Shinkin Bank
JapanJPYOrix Bank Corporation
JapanJPYThe Nomura Trust and Banking Co.,Ltd.
JapanJPYJapan Post Bank
JapanJPYOkinawa Kaiho Bank
JapanJPYMinami Nippon Bank
JapanJPYMiyazaki Taiyo Bank
JapanJPYHowa Bank
JapanJPYKumamoto Bank
JapanJPYNagasaki Bank
JapanJPYSaga Kyoei Bank
JapanJPYFukuoka Chuo Bank
JapanJPYKochi Bank
JapanJPYEhime Bank
JapanJPYKagawa Bank
JapanJPYThe Tokushima Taisho Bank
JapanJPYSaikyo Bank
JapanJPYMomiji Bank
JapanJPYTomato Bank
JapanJPYShimane Bank
JapanJPYMinato Bank
JapanJPYChukyo Bank
JapanJPYNagoya Bank
JapanJPYAichi Bank
JapanJPYShizuoka Chuo Bank
JapanJPYFukuho Bank
JapanJPYChikubo Bank
JapanJPYNagano Bank
JapanJPYSaga Bank
JapanJPYKanagawa Bank
JapanJPYTokyo Star Bank
JapanJPYHigashi-Nippon Bank
JapanJPYJuhachi Shinwa Bank
JapanJPYTochigi Bank
JapanJPYTowa Bank
JapanJPYDaito Bank
JapanJPYFukushima Bank
JapanJPYSendai Bank
JapanJPYKita-Nippon Bank
JapanJPYKirayaka Bank
JapanJPYNorth Pacific Bank
JapanJPYSBJ Bank
JapanJPYDeutsche Bank
JapanJPYThe Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
JapanJPYBank of America Corporation, BofA
JapanJPYJPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A
JapanJPYCitibank, N.A
JapanJPYGMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.
JapanJPYShinsei Bank
JapanJPYKitakyushu Bank
JapanJPYNishi Nihon City Bank
JapanJPYOkinawa Bank
JapanJPYRyukyu Bank
JapanJPYKagoshima Bank
JapanJPYMiyazaki Bank
JapanJPYOita Bank
JapanJPYHigo Bank
JapanJPYKeiyo Bank
JapanJPYAichi Shogin
JapanJPYFirst Bank of Toyama
JapanJPYFukuoka Bank
JapanJPYShikoku Bank
JapanJPYIyo Bank
JapanJPYHyaku Jyushi Bank
JapanJPYAwa Bank
JapanJPYYamaguchi Bank
JapanJPYHiroshima Bank
JapanJPYChina Bank
JapanJPYSanin Goudou Bank
JapanJPYTottori Bank
JapanJPYTajima Bank
JapanJPYKiyou Bank
JapanJPYNanto Bank
JapanJPYIkeda Senshu Bank
JapanJPYKansai Mirai Bank
JapanJPYKyoto Bank
JapanJPYShiga Bank
JapanJPYHyakugo banks
JapanJPYSanjusan Bank
JapanJPYJuroku banks
JapanJPYOogaki Kyoritsu Bank
JapanJPYShimizu Bank
JapanJPYSuruga Bank
JapanJPYShizuoka Bank
JapanJPYFukui Bank
JapanJPYHokkoku Bank
JapanJPYToyama Bank
JapanJPYHokuriku Bank
JapanJPYHachijuni banks
JapanJPYYamanashi Chuo Bank
JapanJPYDaishi Hokuetsu Bank
JapanJPYYokohama Bank
JapanJPYKiraboshi Bank
JapanJPYChiba Kogyo Bank
JapanJPYChiba Bank
JapanJPYMusashino Bank
JapanJPYTsukuba Bank
JapanJPYJouyou Bank
JapanJPYAshikaga Bank
JapanJPYGunma Bank
JapanJPYTouhou Bank
JapanJPY77 Bank
JapanJPYTohoku Bank
JapanJPYIwate Bank
JapanJPYYamagata Bank
JapanJPYShonai Bank
JapanJPYHokuto Bank
JapanJPYAkita Bank
JapanJPYMichinoku Bank
JapanJPYAomori Bank
JapanJPYHokkaido Bank
JapanJPYLawson Bank
JapanJPYDaiwa Next Bank
JapanJPYAeon Bank