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Payouts to Israel

Payout parameters

Note that you can specify ether of the following combinations in the global parameter:

  • iban
  • bank_account_number, branch_number
payment_methodPaymentMethod+Payout data
 typestring+Value: bank_account
 bank_accountBankAccountPaymentMethod+Bank account
  system_typestring+Value: global
  globalBankAccountGlobal+Bank account details
   descriptionstring+Purpose of remittance for the payout. This description should match the classification given in How to specify the remittance purpose
   ibanstring+International bank account number (without spaces)
   bank_account_numberstring-Bank account number for the payout
   branch_numberstring-Branch number
participant_detailsParticipantDetails+Information on the payout participants
 recipientParticipant+Recipient details
  bank_namestring+Important: the bank name must be chosen from the List of supported banks, otherwise the payout will not be processed.
  currencystring+Recipient's currency in ISO 4217 format. Case insensitive.
  country_iso3string+Recipient's country code (ISO-3166-1 alpha-3)
  first_namestring+Recipient's first name. Important: if the name is passed incorrectly, the recipient bank may not accept the payout
  last_namestring+Recipient's last name. Important: if the name is passed incorrectly, the recipient bank may not accept the payout
 senderParticipant+Sender details
  company_namestring+Sender company name. Limited to 100 characters, cannot contain digits only
  registration_numberstring+Sender company registration number
  country_iso3string+Sender's country code (ISO-3166-1 alpha-3)
  codestring+Sender company registration number
amount_detailsAmountDetails+Payout amount details
 amountint+Payout amount in decimal format. The value must be greater than zero. If you are sending 100 USD, write 10000
 currencystring+ISO 4217 currency code. Case insensitive


curl -X POST \ \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'X-PARTNER-PROJECT: your_project_name' \
-H 'X-PARTNER-SIGN: signature' \
"session_id": "ps_1053680",
"payment_method": {
"type": "bank_account",
"bank_account": {
"system_type": "global",
"global": {
"iban": "NUMBER_VALUE",
"description": "purpose of remittance"
"participant_details": {
"recipient": {
"bank_name": "Bank name from the list below",
"currency": "ils",
"country_iso3": "ISR",
"first_name": "John",
"last_name": "Johnson"
"sender": {
"company_name": "Company name",
"registration_number": "1234567890",
"country_iso3": "USA",
"code": "1234567890"
"amount_details": {
"amount": 1000,
"currency": "usd"

List of supported banks

IsraelILSUnion Bank of Israel Ltd
IsraelILSBank Hapoalim B.M
IsraelILSBank of Jerusalem Ltd
IsraelILSMizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd
IsraelILSBarclays Bank PLC
IsraelILSThe First International Bank of Israel Ltd
IsraelILSBank Leumi Le-Israel B.M
IsraelILSUBank Ltd
IsraelILSBank Massad Ltd
IsraelILSPostal Bank of Israel Post
IsraelILSArab Israel Bank Ltd
IsraelILSMercantile Discount Bank Ltd
IsraelILSPoaley Agudat Israel Bank Ltd
IsraelILSBank Otsar Ha-hayal Ltd
IsraelILSBNP Paribas Israel
IsraelILSBank Yahav for Government Employees Ltd
IsraelILSCitibank N.A
IsraelILSDexia Israel Bank Ltd
IsraelILSHSBC Bank plc
IsraelILSIsrael Discount Bank Ltd
IsraelILSState Bank Of India