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How to connect our Telegram bot

If you have a bot in Telegram, you can connect your bot to our payment bot and start accepting payments.
To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Send /mybots to @BotFather to obtain the list of your bots and click the name of a bot you need to connect to our payment bot.

  1. In the menu, click Payments.

  1. In the list of payment providers, select Smart Glocal (use the << and >> buttons to navigate through the list).

  1. Connect one of the Smart Glocal bots: the Smart Glocal Test bot allows making payments safely in a test environment, while the Smart Glocal Live bot is used to perform real payments.

To connect the Smart Glocal Test bot:

  1. Select Connect Smart Glocal Test and click Start.
  2. To confirm your intention to use the bot, click the code in the message to copy it, paste it, and send it to the Smarg Glocal bot.

As a result of the above steps, @BotFather will issue a provider token you will need to send invoices to your customers.

Now, you can proceed to accept payments using your bot.