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Daily payments report

The daily report is sent in the XLSX or CSV format to the email address specified in your agreement with Smart Glocal. To receive the reports in another way (for example, via SFTP), please contact our manager.

How to use the report

The report sent by Smart Glocal contains a list of all successful operations for a day (24 hours). You need to check the operations on your side against those in the report.

In case of any discrepancy, contact our support team. The timeframe for making corrections is specified in your agreement with Smart Glocal.

Report file name

<Project name>_YYYY-MM-DD_YYYY-MM-DD

Report fields

No.Field nameDescriptionField lengthExample
1TitlePayment register <contract number>, (<company name>) from DD.MM.YYYY to DD.MM.YYYY-Payment register 100-C-000000, (Company Name Ltd) from 11.01.2024 to 12.01.204
2IDSmart Glocal payment identifier15-3227291237020
3paymentSessionIdPayment session identifier0-10023
4ContractNumber of your contract with Smart Glocal6-100100-C-000000
5Project nameName of your project on Smart Glocal's side2-100acquiring_card
6Type of paymentPayment type. Options: Adjustment, Advice, Refund, Chargeback, Compensation, Recurrent. More information10-16Advice
7AmountTotal of the operation1-12110
8SettlementTotal of the settlement Smart Glocal must transfer to you. This amount can be negative, for example for Refund or Chargeback1-12-2
9FeeSmart Glocal's total fee (as per the agreement). Specified as a negative value1-12-2
10Transaction date and timeDate and time of the transaction on Smart Glocal's side1911.01.2020 00:00:08
11Card numberMasked number of the card used to make the payment9-194...1878
12RRNRetrieval Reference Number: unique identifier of the bank transaction1212345678
13paymentSessionMerchantMetadataAdditional data you passed within the request for the operation6-201Di732vw57

Payment types

  • Adjustment — partial cancellation of a transaction
  • Advice — successful transaction
  • Refund — rollback of a successful transaction
  • Chargeback — disputed transaction
  • Compensation — refund. The total of such a payment can be negative if the total of Refund or Chargeback exceeds the total of Advice
  • Recurrent — recurring payment